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Tenant Services:

Discount / Referral Programs
Refer a friend.  If they sign a 1 year lease for any of our rental properties.  You will receive 7% off you next month's rent. 

Renew/Extend your lease. Help-U-Rent loves good tenants ,that's why prior to the end of your Rental Agreement if you renew your lease for 1 year you will receive 10% off the next month's rent. 

Home Ownership Program
The greatest benefit of becoming a Help-U-Rent tenant is that we want to help you purchase and own your own home!  For each month you pay your rent on time we give you "House Bucks".  "House Bucks" can be used towards the down payment or closing cost of the purchase of your home.**
** Special Restirctions applty . Ask for details.

24 Hour  Service and Maintenance
Receive access to our  Emergency Hotline.  Someone is available 24/7 to respond to all  maintenance/service inquires.

Detailed Move-In / Move-Out Inspection
We performs a detailed inspection of the property with you prior to you moving in.  On our inspection form we note any damages and issues to the property.  We also take photo's to document any of the damages, to garentee you will not be chatged for pre-existing damages.   

Before you schedule move-out inspection Help-U-Rent provides you with a "check list" to help you clean and prepare for the move-out inspection.  After the move-out inspection is complete we compare it to the move-in inspection to make sure you DO NOT get charged for any pre-existing damages. 

Contact Information:

1314 S.King St. #523
Honolulu, Hi 96814
Phone: (808)377-1205
E-mail: K.C.Helpurent@gmail.com

Office Hours:
Monday - Friday
9:00 am - 5:00 pm
Help-U-Rent knows how important it is to have good tenants.  That's why we do not only offer reasonable rent prices but, we reward our tenants with different discount and referral programs to reward you!

We are dedicated to the comfort and security of our tenants.  At Help-U-Rent we work diligently to make sure our tenants are satisfied with their leasing experience.  we are here to serve you to our best ability, please feel free to call for whatever reason.   

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