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We know how hard it is to have an investment property.  Let our team of professional property managers take the stress and frustration out of managing your investment.

Current Market Analysis/ Fair Market Rent:
We evaluate your property and conduct a pre-marketing inspection, along with an analysis of the current market conditions, to provide you with an accurate recommendation for fair compensation.  To maximize your rental compensation we will inform you of any necessary repairs or upgrades need on the property.  

Advertising/ Marketing
At no additional cost to the owner we will advertise using multiple listing services such as the Help-U-Rent website, free local classified web sites, military housing boards, and post an ad in the prospective buildings.  For an additional cost we could also advertise in the Star Bulletin, Honolulu Advertiser, and Renter Illustrated. 

Tenant Application/ Screening
From using a strict tenant screening process we are able to insure quality tenants.  Our rent application is in full compliance with the Fair Housing Laws and the Hawaii Residential Landlord Tenant Code.  Before the leasing agreement is signed we conduct a national credit check, call previous landlords for references, and verify current employment status.   You will receive copies of all signed documents pertaining to your property.  This includes the Rental Agreement, addendums, Property Condition Report and any other documents on your property. 

Move-In, Move-Out Inspection w/Pictures
To protect your investment, before move in and move out, we complete with the tenant a detailed Property Condition Form along with pictures, signed by both tenant and landlord to note the properties condition.  This is to minimize potential disputes on the properties condition during check out.  We conduct routine inspections to ensure they are maintaining the properties condition. 

Rent Collections
Rent payments are collected on the 1st of the month and are considered late after the 3rd.  After the 3rd we charge a late fee of 10% of the total rent, of which half is paid to the owner.   Rental proceeds are disbursed within 10 days of receiving the rent. 
Help-U-Rent collects 10% of the monthly gross rent for a management fee.  An additional initial move in fee of 10% of the full monthly gross rent is collected when a new tenant moves into the unit.  This is automatically deducted from the collected rent.         

We keep a record of every transaction made to your property and provide you with a detailed monthly statement, stating the monthly transactions made to your investment.  Copies of all work order receipts are sent out with the monthly statement as well as kept on file in our office.  At the end of the year we provide you with a complete year summary that states all the transactions, this is to simplify your end of the year tax preparation.

Bill Payments
We are able to take care of your properties expenses, which could include maintenance fees, utility fees, property taxes, insurance, general excise tax, repairs and maintenance, etc. 

Repairs /Emergencies
We have generated a list of professional independent, outside vendors and contractors that provide great service at a low price.  We understand that quick response is important, that is why we have someone available after business hours to take emergency calls.  All repairs get presented to the owner first and needs to be approved before any repairs are made.  For large jobs we provide you with estimates of the best price possible.  

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